Junior Gran Prix / UTR 2023 Tournaments!


December 17 @ Hollytree

January 28 @ Longview HS

February 18 @ Hollytree

March 4 @ Longview HS

Aril 1 @ Hollytree

April 22 @ Longview HS

May 20 @ Longview HS

June 10 @ Jacksonville HS

July 1 @ Hollytree

Dates and Locations are subject to change. Please check the official tournament page for the month you wish to enter to confirm date & location.

All Jr. Gran Prix Tournaments will always be played on Saturday with Sunday used only if needed for weather delays

Most Tournaments begin at 9:00 a.m. and end around 4:30 p.m.

All kids are guaranteed to play at least two matches

All tournaments are plannned for Saturday only but could be moved to Sunday for weather related reasons if necessary.

The July Tournament will be the final tournament in the 2023 Point Race To Newk's. Following this tournament the top two point fiishers in each age division will have the opportunity to join TEAM EAST TEXAS and travel to Newk's Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels in September with the team to compete against other winning teams from across the state!

Entry deadline for all tournaments is the Monday preceeding the tournament. All events are always limited to first 16 entries or the initial deadline whichever comes first. Entry for some events might be extended but always plan for a Monday night deadline.

All Tournaments will begin no earlier than 9am and typically end around 4pm on Saturday. All players will be scheduled to play a minimum of (2) 8-game pro sets with no ad scoring.

The top two point earners in each division following the July 2023 tournament who are ranking and age eligible will qualify for a spot on TEAM EAST TEXAS and an opportunity to advance with the team to the Texas State Team Championships to be held in September at John Newcomb's Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels. East Texas Point standings are shown on each tournaments home page under "standings".

Divisions Offered: Boy's & Girls Singles in 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 18 & Under Divisions


1. What age division can I compete in for 2023 Tournaments?

10&Under CoEd: Birthdates in 2012 or later until first day of the month of 11th birthday

12&Under: Birthdates in 2010 or later until first day of the month of 13th birthday

14&Under: Birthdates in 2008 or later until first day of the month of 15th birthday

18&Under: Birthdates in 2004 or later until first day of the month of 19th birthday;

Boys are eligible only for Boy's divisions and girls are eligible only for Girls’ divisions. (12-18s);

10 & Under Division is a CoEd division

The age cut off to be age eligible for the State Tournament at Newk's for those who qualify is September 1. Those who will "age up" prior to September 1 are encouraged to participate in the older age division in our local circuit if interested in trying to qualify for the team. Kids who play "up" in local tournaments will earn points in the age division in which they participate. Kids who are move up to the next older age bracket when their division does not make due to insufficient entries will be awarded their points in the division they tried to enter even if they are manually moved to an older division.



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