Please log into your account at and help your captain out by updating your rating if it is not correct. You should be able to adjust your rating by clicking on RATING (then change) at the top of your player profile page. The USPTA league goes by current USTA NTRP ratings found on the USTA website.

Captain's please remember it is the responsibility of the Home Captain to enter the match results within 24 hours of the match. The visiting team captain will have 48 hours once entered to confirm or contest the scores as recorded.

At this time all teams are encouraged to try to reschedule rain make ups throughout the season at a mutually agreeable time. All unplayed rainouts will be added on to the end of the season and scheduled on the teams regular day & time of play. Rainouts should be played in the order they were rained out. If any division accumulates several rain outs a mandatory make up schedule will be posted with teams playing two matches per week towards the end of the season. Please try to do what you can to make up all rain outs as soon as possible!

Good Luck this season!


Last change: 08/30/22

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