USPTA Women's 4.5 League


4.5 Ladies USPTA League

Four total teams will play a double (Home & Away) round robin for a total of 6 team matches to determine which team will advance to the USPTA Texas State Indoor Team Championships January 21-22 in Houston!

League updates will be posted here and all rules and league inforamation are on the leagues homepage.

Players may be added to your rosters until Sept. 10.

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Good Luck!

League Information: The East Texas USPTA adult league is open for all players ages 18 & above as of the end of 2022. Players do not have to be a member of the USTA or USPTA to participate. Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players eligible to compete at the team’s level of play. Teams may have no more than 1 player rated more than .5 below the teams level of play. ALL teams must have at least (4) players with a valid rating or self rating at the same level as the teams entered division of play. Please note the "MORE than .5 below". An example of this rule would be that a 4.5 team cannot have MORE than 1 player rated 3.5 or below. A 4.5 team could have several 4.0 players since 4.0 is not MORE than .5 below the 4.5 teams level of play. Players should play by their most recent published USTA rating. Any player who was DQ'd at any time after December 2021 ratings were published must play at that higher rating. If a player appealed his/her rating he/she must play by the appealed decision. If a player already has a self rating from earlier leagues and no published rating then that self rating must be used. Players with no rating may join any team he/she feels he/she is eligible for. Self rated players (following USTA NTRP guidelines) are subject to review and disqualification at any time by local USPTA pros committee. Ratings entered by players on their account are not always current since they are entered by the player at the time he/she creates their account.

Division Standings

Team Matches Individual Matches Individual Sets Individual Games
Points Wins Losses Ties Wins Losses Losing % Wins Losses Losing % Wins Losses Losing %

Tyler Athletic & Swim - Edgemon/Robertson

Robin Edgemon

35 4 2 0 9 3 25.00% 19 7 26.92% 126 79 38.54%

Hollytree Country Club -Foster & Wupperman

Kristi Foster

32 4 2 0 8 4 33.33% 18 11 37.93% 122 93 43.26%

Hollytree Country Club-Tank’s Team

Shawna Tankersley

15 3 3 0 3 9 75.00% 8 20 71.43% 87 130 59.91%

Faulkner Park-Scramblers - Braaten

Karen Braaten

14 1 5 0 4 8 66.67% 9 16 64.00% 94 127 57.47%

Division standings

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