USPTA Men's 3.5 League


Dear USPTA Winning Captains,

Congratulations on winning your division of the East Texas USPTA League!The Texas State Team Championships will be held in Houston, January 17-19, 2020!The tournament will begin at 8 a.m. on Friday, January 17 and end with the finals on Sunday morning.Schedules and any further tournament information will be sent to captains in mid December but every team will play on Friday and Saturday with flight winners playing Sunday.The tournament fee is $45 per player listed on your state roster.Captains will then have until December 15 to turn in roster & fees – only players added by December 15 will be guaranteed to receive tournament gift.Additional deadlines include:

January 3 – final date to add additional names to your final roster (not guaranteed tourn. gift)

January 16 – final date to make name changes for players already paid on your roster.

Any changes to roster after Dec. 15 must be emailed to

In order to be listed on your roster players must have played in at least 2 local league matches in round robins with 8 or fewer teams and at least 3 matches if 9 or more round robin matches were played.Winning East Texas teams must also have at least 50% of their players listed on the state team roster in order to advance.Winning teams may pick up qualified players from other local teams if necessary as long as at least 50% of your winning team is on your roster.

Winning teams from each level in our local league will combine to form one team for the state tournament. There will be separate divisions for men and women. Each doubles match in the playoffs will be a total of 16 no-ad games. All four players on the court will serve twice for a total of eight games then teams will change sides of the net and play the final eight games. A match score could end as 16-0, 10-6, 8-8, etc. Players cannot change sides of service return at anytime during the 16 games. Games won at each level of play will be combined to determine the winning team. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of (4) team matches. Each team match will consist of (2) doubles lines from each level 3.0-4.5. The 5-minute warm up period will be strictly enforced.

Please have your players practice the 16-game sets using no-ad scoring as much as possible between now and the tournament. Our women's team won the State Championship in 1997, '98, '01 and 2005 and were finalists in 1996, 1999 & 2008! Our men’s team won the Championship in 1998 and 2002 and were finalists in 2009, 2013 and 2016! Remember to play the players who won the local league for you! The other levels are counting on you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 903.581.7788 or send me an email to

Sincerely, Jim Sciarro USPTA Texas League Coordinator

The 3.5 Men's Division will have (7) teams and play a total of 12 team matches. Each team will play a HOME & AWAY against every other team in the schedule. Since captains voted to play a long season all players must play (3) times in local league (not counting default wins) in order to advance with their team to the State Championships should their team win the league.

All matches will count towards players official UTR

Play will begin August 21 and your last "scheduled" match will be on November 20 (week before Thanksgiving). MANDATORY make up dates will be MONDAY, Nov. 25 (week of Thanksgiving), then WEDNESDAY December 5 & 12 if needed. If we need additional dates we will play on MONDAY, Dec 16 & WEDNESDAY December 18. If there are a lot of make ups I will make a schedule towards the end of the season so everyone will know when your matches are. December 18 is my deadline to have the entry fee from the winning team sent in to Houston.

The Texas State Team Championships for the winning teams from EAST TEXAS will be played in Houston January 17-19, 2020.

Ratings shown on are not official USTA ratings.

Players enter their own rating on and are also responsible for changing it when their USTA rating changes

Division Standings

Team Matches Individual Matches Individual Sets Individual Games
Points Wins Losses Ties Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses

Longview High School - Mickelboro - Iwantarefund

Kenny Mickelboro

79 11 1 0 18 3 37 10 240 133

Faulkner Park-Tyler / Huskey

Lance Huskey

62 7 5 0 16 8 38 18 274 184

Hollytree Country Club-Over Served - Loving

Randle Loving

60 9 3 0 14 10 31 29 218 230

Faulkner Park - Second Stingers - Savory

Christopher Savory

57 6 6 0 11 7 25 18 179 159

Faulkner Park-Hopkins

David R Hopkins

40 5 7 0 9 11 22 26 170 200

Tyler Athletic and Swim Club-Old but well seasoned

Brent D Hill

28 2 10 0 5 16 14 34 166 227

Holly Lake Ranch Lakers - Newill

Al Newill

10 2 10 0 2 20 9 41 134 248

Division standings

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