USPTA Men's 4.0 League


Men's 4.0 USPTA Fall League!

All matches have been scheduled to begin at 7pm. This league uses official NTRP ratings found on Players enter and update their own ratings on this website. Captains are responsible for confirming eligibility of all players on their roster. Players may update their rating by logging in to their account and clicking on rating.

Each team will play the other teams two time (Home & Away). Please continue to add players to your team until September 12 to make sure you are never forced to default a line. Teams must default line #1 if defaulting a match. Teams defaulting both lines in one match will receive -6 for their team score. Teams winning line #1 receive 5 points and teams winning line #2 receive 3 points. Captains must enter the final team scores in the yellow boxes after entering match scores. The team with the most ponts at the end of the round robin will qualify for the USPTA Texas State Team Championships in Houston January 22-24, 2021. The winner will be determined by the columns on the scoreboard read left to right.

If matches are canceled due to weather make ups will be on 10/19, 10/26 and 11/2 at 7pm. Captains please change the date of any rain out so the schedule is updated and please remember to reserve courts for your make ups. Matches should not be postponed or moved to a later date than scheduled for any reason other than weather. Both teams are welcome to agree to play a match on an earlier date than scheduled but not a later date unless canceled due to weather.

Good Luck and have fun!

Division Standings

Team Matches Individual Matches Individual Sets Individual Games
Points Wins Losses Ties Wins Losses Losing % Wins Losses Losing % Wins Losses Losing %

Hollytree Country Club - BOLAND

Patrick Boland

40 5 1 0 10 2 16.67% 21 5 19.23% 136 66 32.67%

Willow Brook Country Club-Daniels-Bottom Feeders

Blake Daniels

35 4 2 0 9 3 25.00% 20 8 28.57% 130 81 38.39%

Faulkner Park-Tyer-Huskey

Lance Huskey

13 2 4 0 3 9 75.00% 6 19 76.00% 78 132 62.86%

Holly Lake Ranch Tall Boys-NEWILL

Al Newill

8 1 5 0 2 10 83.33% 5 20 80.00% 67 132 66.33%

Division standings

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