Ty Khuong

Event Status Date Event Type
ACTA Summer 2022 B Division-The Avengers Active6/29/2022Interclub
ACTA Spring 2022 B Division-The Avengers Active3/22/2022Interclub
ACTA Fall 2021 B Division-The Avengers Active8/27/2021Interclub
ACTA Spring 2021 BC Division-The Avengers Active3/17/2021Interclub
ACTA Fall 2020 BC Division-The Avengers Active9/5/2020Interclub
ACTA Summer 2020 BC Division-The Avengers Active7/9/2020Interclub
ACTA Fall 2019 BC Division-The Avengers Active9/3/2019Interclub
ACTA Fall 2018 BC Division-The Sharks Active9/5/2018Interclub
7.0 MEN'S DOUBLES-The Expendables Active10/10/2017Interclub
BC Division-Tennis the Menace Active8/23/2017Interclub
B Division-Tennis the Menace Active7/15/2017Interclub
BC Division-Tennis the Menace Active3/3/2017Interclub
Men's 3.5 (2015 HCATL Winter Doubles)-NIGHT OWLS Active1/14/2015Interclub
Men's 4.0 (2015 HCATL Winter Doubles)-SKYLINE COURTMASTERS Active1/8/2015Interclub
Men's 3.5 (2015 HCATL Winter Doubles)-NET NUTS Active1/6/2015Interclub
Men's 3.5 (2015 HCATL Winter Doubles)-SKYLINE COURTMASTERS Active1/5/2015Interclub
3.5 Men (NOVA/HCTL Fall League)-Skyline Courtmasters Active9/30/2014Interclub
3.5 Men-RJ TENNIS EXTREME Active5/3/2014Interclub
C Division-Party at the Net Active3/24/2014Interclub
C (3.5)-Party at the Net Active1/6/2014Interclub

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