Jason Shoffner

Team Division Season Position Singles Doubles Wins Losses Sets Won Sets Lost Games Won Games Lost Reg/
Willowbrook CC - DANIELSUSPTA Men's 4.0 League08/31/21-08531068264RJul 30 2021 11:07AM
Willow Brook Country Club-Daniels-Bottom FeedersUSPTA Men's 4.0 League08/31/20-0532645242RAug 3 2020 8:21AM
Willow Brook CC - Playing Under the Influence (SheUSPTA Men's 4.0 League08/21/18-08531068866RJul 22 2018 6:30PM
Hollytree-Daniels-HollytreeUSPTA Men's 4.0 League08/25/15-07611228044RJul 13 2015 2:10PM

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